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Sunday, 26 May 2024

Business Card Tips

So you need a business card to hand out… it seems so simple, but like most things, your business card can benefit from some planning.
If you are working for someone else, or as a representative for a company (large or small) you may be given a sample business card to imitate. Or you might be creating your own card, but have a sample business card that you like. Usually your best bet with a sample card is to bring it to us in person. We can determine what method was used to produce the sample and duplicate it for you with your information.

If there isn't a sample, you can start from scratch. This can be fun and creative, but take a moment to consider your purpose….

Generally business cards are intended to offer someone an easy way to remember your name and contact information, but there are many options involved. You should ask yourself these questions when determining what to include (or exclude) on your business card:

  • Is the card for business or personal use? (Many people want a convenient way to give their cell phone, email, or address to friends and family so personal cards are on the rise.)
  • Is there an image, photo or logo that you want to include?
  • How many ways do you want someone to be able to reach you? A phone number is pretty universal, and often a cell and email or website… do you want them to have your address? Do people need it to find your store or mail payments to you?
  • If you're promoting a product or service, can your potential customers tell what it is?
  • How large do you want the type? Will it be legible?
  • What sort of impression do you want to make? Should your business card be flashy, conservative, friendly, creative, or multilingual?


The answers to these questions can help you pinpoint exactly what you want in a business card and we can help you get it. We produce business cards in one-color to full-color, printed one or two sided, even fold-over business cards. We offer flat-print, raised thermography, foil stamping, or embossing on everything from plain white cards to fluorescent colored, textured, magnetic, or even clear plastic business cards.