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Sunday, 26 May 2024

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Welcome to the developer's blog. Here is where we will keep you up to date on some of our most recent projects and experiences. Our goal is to post a new blog every Monday so keep checking back for more articles.

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"What is Large Format Printing?"

Jaclyn Strain, Graphic Designer | 8-8-2016

Lately we have been trying to bring awareness to large format printing because frankly, not many people know what it is. Large format printing is the general term for anything printed larger than 13”x19”. This covers a wide variety of things; such as posters, banners, tradeshow displays, table cloths, and so much more.

These are great advertisement pieces but can also be used for home décor. Have a drawing/painting you made and want to get it enlarged and printed on a high-quality photo-gloss paper large enough to mount on your wall? Look no further. That is just one of the services that qualify under large format printing. That same drawing/painting could also be printed onto a fabric banner for a more long-lasting display.

One of the most common uses for large format printing is tradeshow displays. This ranges from table covers to banners. The banners we offer come in either fabric or vinyl depending on the use you require it for. Having a banner and table cloth might be a costly investment but it’s sure to pay off when it gives your booth a professional appearance and drives people to your stand. If your stand has nothing more than a hand-drawn sign, most people will keep on walking. But with an attractive, high-quality tablecloth and banner, more people are likely to stop and hear what you have to say. Most importantly, the quality of these items is such that they can be used again and again.

How does large format printing work? That is an excellent question. Most all large format printing is run through specially designed large-format printers. Instead of inserting stacks of pre-cut paper like you would use at home, the paper is fed using large rolls of paper or fabric. The roll of paper is fed across a flat surface while a print head speeds along a rail, spraying the ink through nozzles onto the media. Most large format printers use the standard cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink system but there are specialty printers that use other inks.


The product that comes out the other side of the printer is still in roll form until it is cut down to the desired size. Though the media might get further treated before it is complete; such as a UV lamination. Other finishing options vary from pole pockets to grommets and other ways to display your product. All in all, large format printing is quickly growing in popularity as a less expensive solution to other methods like screen printing. For more information on types of large formatting printing, visit out ‘Products’ page.