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Friday, 21 June 2024

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"Why Should I Hire a Printer, I Already Have a Copy Machine?"

Justin Koback, Owner | 7-18-2016

Each day during my sales effort I hear someone say “Oh, I already have a copier, thanks though”.  What most people do not understand is that many copy machines can not print envelopes, carbon-less forms or other commonly used business materials.  It is not uncommon to overestimate what a copy machine is capable of, so often times people believe that the materials they use every day can be easily reproduced from their office copy machine.

So what is it that printers do that most office copy machines can not?  The first and most important is that printers bring professional experience to you.  They offer the products that your copy machine can not produce.  Products like envelopes, multi part carbon-less forms or any product paper you use in large quantities. 

Most business offices have a copy machine available to them; some lease and some buy the machine.  What are the costs involved in owning your own copy machine versus buying the products it produces for you from a printing company?  Costs include toner, repairs and maintenance, the charge that is assessed each time a piece of paper passes through the machine, the cost of that paper and last but not least, the time the individual spends making those copies.  With a printing company, your cost is simple.  A cost per copy of letterhead, per envelope or per brochure.  The more you print, the less each one costs, unlike with copy machines that have a set price for each copy no matter how many you make. 


Now that you realize a printing company can save you money and will provide you a product that appeals to your targeted audience or will just be easier for you and your co-workers to use, let me finish with this.  Copy machines are a great tool for every office, however if you do not spend the time comparing cost, quality and the many other advantages to using a printing company, you might just be costing yourself more money than you know while at the same time appearing “cheap or unprofessional” to your customer.  All this because “I already have a copier”.